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Judy Lester is an engaging and inspiring speaker, coach, and business owner. She has a warm and welcoming approach that connects with her audience and motivates action. Post engagement surveys validate that attendees walk away with new ideas that create action with notable results.

  • Challenge thinking to ignite energy for strategic change.

  • Uncover and overcome the barriers and blind spots that prevent proactive and determined steps towards sustainable and ongoing growth.

  • Engage a culture that serves with excellence.

  • Have a memorable and fun time while learning how to make things happen.


Judy Lester brings decades of experience, examples, and relevant stories to life in an engaging and thought-provoking way. The audience is drawn in to share the mental journey toward new thoughts that enable personal responsibility. Everyone walks away armed with new ideas on how to engage renewed energy in their career, your company's success, and in life. 

The #1 Secret to Success for Every Business

If you operate or work in a business, you are keenly aware of THE THINGS you should focus on that can make or break success:

The right Product, Service, Money, Marketing, Staff Management, and Location

Yes, each of these is key to operating well, but the reality is that many businesses flourish, at least for a while, without ever getting all of these down. According to the Small Business Association, only 25% of all companies make it to 15 years or more. Are you curious what the common denominator is for that 25%? Do you want to do what they do? How do they do their best in every one of these areas? If you are ready to find out how to grab the key to unlock a destiny to scalable success, join us for this keynote presentation!

The Leadership Present:
Five Gifts for Growth

It is normal for people in high-ranking positions to question their role as a leader.  Many folks, in reality, don't see themselves as leaders. In this keynote presentation, we will unwrap the Five Gifts for Growth to give to yourself and others that will foster collaborative and unified relationships so your team can excel in innovation, motivation and infinite growth. Each attendee will walk away with a tangible gift to remain mindful of the leadership qualities within.

Follow the keynote with a workshop or coaching engagement to bring the concept into reality. Celebrate employee and client retention, productivity increase, and an ownership mindset that enables new, sustainable, ongoing wins for your company. When each person engages their leadership qualities within, the results are undeniable.

These two talks are designed to stand alone or be complementary

to create a solid foundation for excellence.

Continue the momentum with group coaching or a workshop for 

Leaders, Managers, Directors or Staff.