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 More Sales

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Low traffic and diminishing sales are killing you…

Learn the 5 Steps to Thrive and Secure TEN TIMES more Business
(even with all of the online competition)


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 In this free 45 minute presentation you will discover:

How to attract and retain more customers who frequently purchase, even if you've struggled with declining traffic for the last year or more

Use money management techniques that savvy entrepreneurs use to skyrocket sales and profits without having to battle rising debt constantly.

How to increase sales volume without deep discounts or posting on every social media platform that experts say you "have to" use.

How to be known as THE BEST in your industry category and sell products for keystone+, even if you feel like that is entirely unrealistic in your situation. 

And all of this, while loving what you do, getting praise all day, and eliminating stress, aggravation, and worry over every slow day...so you can enjoy the INCOME, FREEDOM and FUN entrepreneurship offers!

Retailing and wholesaling can be a VERY lucrative business, even in today's digital marketplace.

Learn how now!

Judy Lester's professional career spans over 30 years and includes speaking, coaching, strategic planning, training, and executive leadership.

Judy spent 15 years in developing multi-million dollar stores within America's largest book retailers. Then, she quit that job to join her husband, Len in growing their award-winning specialty store for 18 years.

In 2016, Lester's sold their 7-figure business. Judy immediately began helping a variety of service industry entrepreneurs grow the company of their dreams by making The Five Shifts for Double-Digit Increases in Sales, Profits, and Free Time, year after year.